• About Me

    About Me

    Because I seem to be incapable of doing anything normally, I was accepted into Salve Regina University at fifteen, where I earned a degree in Studio Art. I was accepted into the Newport MFA in Creative Writing at nineteen, with which I attained my first graduate degree at twenty-two.

    I am now pursuing an MFA in Illustration, and remotely tutor and teach art to students of all ages. It is by far my favorite gig, which is saying something, since I have an eclectic resume: I've been a construction worker, a cleaning lady, a junior curator, and a studio model.

    My stories have appeared in the Eunoia Review, Soft Cartel, Eskimo Pie, Literary Yard, and Anti-Heroin Chic, my articles have been featured in Report From Newport, and my illustrations have been featured in Boston Accent Lit, Envy! Literary Mag, and Quail Bell. I am currently compiling a collection of short stories, the details of which can be found on strangenewworldsanthology.com.

    Eventually, I intend to become a professor, so I can share my love of creation with new generations of artists and storytellers. And, of course, afford more coffee.