• About Me

    About Me

    I am a graduate student, author, and illustrator, with a rapturous love for coffee and books.

    Raised in Rhode Island as a proud big sister and homeschooling veteran, my first job was as the youngest member of a construction crew, where I gleefully donned my hot pink work overalls and matching construction boots and set about mixing concrete and organizing tools with single-minded diligence.

    I was accepted into college at fifteen, and into graduate school at nineteen, where I now study Creative Writing with the Newport Master of the Fine Arts program. Apart from the undeniable thrill of working with acclaimed authors such as Ann Hood, Sheila Weller, and Andre Dubus III, it has given me the invaluable opportunity to analyze and elevate my craft.

    I have written and illustrated three novels, along with several poems and short stories. I intend to become a college professor, so I can share the joy of storytelling with a new generation of storytellers.